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Cocktail Station

Work With Us to Create an Amazing Cocktail Station or Mixology Station at Your Bar

When you walk into a hotel or business and see an amazing bar, what does it do? It makes you want to stay there, explore and return time and time again. At F&D PROJE, we want to help you turn your bar into one that people want to continue to visit. We can help you create an amazing cocktail station or mixology station, so that your guests fall in love with your venue.
At F&D PROJE, we have over 20 years of experience working with businesses like yours. We can help you rebuild your bar into something completely custom, or we can help you set up your bar stations for the first time. It’s our goal to be your one-stop shop for quality items to keep your restaurant or bar running smoothly.
Our team is familiar with the bar scene and can help provide unique solutions. We can help you put together custom-made bar counters, mobile bars, coffee stations, cocktail stations, and more. We can provide beverage preparation equipment and bartender tools.
Best of all is that we have many partners who we work with to provide you everything you need to build a successful enterprise. We offer over 5,954 products, have finished 93 amazing projects with our clients and have worked across 42 different cities and countries. With 26 solution partner brands, we know we can provide what you need to make your business a successful one. To learn more about our business and how we can help, call us at +44 747 063 4080 in London or at +90 216 504 22 88 in Istanbul. We would love to talk to you about your business and goals for the future.

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