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Bar Project

Get High-Quality Catering Equipment for Your Bar Project

If you are interested in catering as a career, then you need high-end catering equipment to make the job easier. The right catering equipment makes it simple to keep foods at the right temperature and to transport what you need wherever you’re going. If your catering project also includes a bar project, then we can be of even more help. At F&D PROJE, we have over 20 years of experience in commercial kitchens and the food and drink industry. We can help you put together an amazing set up, so that your bartenders have what they need to serve patrons effectively. We have catering equipment that is easy to us and that lasts, so you know you can rely on it.
At F&D PROJE, we have close to 6,000 unique products that you can purchase from us directly. We’ve completed 93 projects with our clients across 42 cities and countries, so we have the experience to help you no matter where you’re located. Since we’ve paired up with 26 partner brands, we can also guarantee that you’ll have access to all the best products whenever you need them.
Why work with us? We work with industry leaders. We’ve worked with Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hillside Beach Club, ENKA, Wyndham Grand and so many other amazing clients. Our references speak for themselves. On our website, you can see images of the custom bars and restaurant setups we have helped create. If you’re interested in learning from our 20 years of experience and boosting the quality of your commercial bar or restaurant, call us at +44 747 063 4080 in London or at +90 216 504 22 88 in Istanbul. We are interested in learning more about your project goals and ideas.

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